GI Joe Renewed

The First Mission, Part One

The team, worn out from three hours of martial arts training, is ecstatic to see Breaker enter the room to pick them up. He takes them back to their bunks where they are allowed a brief shower before getting ready… for an eight-mile run that they have to complete in 50 minutes. Fine for a soldier, a little more difficult for a soldier that just spent three hours getting knocked around by a master of one of the world’s only ninja clans.

There is grumbling during the run, particularly from Firewall, who has had very little military training. He proceeds to hork a few times, but the colonel affords him no leniency, and by ignoring Firewall he makes it clear that he is to finish the run come hell or high water.

From there, the team’s weapons inventor and master marksman, Flash, brings the team down to the armory where they are allowed to choose their small arms specialty so that Flash can gauge their skills. Killshot immediately notices a rifle that looks more electronic than mechanical. Flash admits that the gun is his pride and joy, a prototype Laser Rifle. It’s capacity to fire a high intensity laser instead of bullets means it’s accuracy rating is unbeatable. However, it doesn’t do much damage, it’s range is only 30 feet, and the power pack only allows three shots before going dead. Flash has high hopes that Killshot will be able to help him expand its capabilities.

After practice, the team returns to the commissary where the entire Joe team is waiting for them. Unlike the previous meal, the newcomers are actively engaged in conversation with the old wave. Flash discusses new possible modifications to the laser rifle with Killshot, Breaker gives Firewall a taste of some of the new toys he will be allowed to play with, and Rock n’ Roll discusses the benefits of having heavy artillery strapped to your waist with Hando. Stonewall is a little more quiet and reserved. He catches a look from Hawk and nods knowingly. When your specialty is keeping your team alive, you can’t afford too much camaraderie.

From there, the teams’ training intensifies. Over the next few weeks, the run becomes twice daily. Snake-Eyes and Scarlett split up the martial arts training so that the whole team can spend the whole four hours practicing. Firewall throws up less often as his body becomes used to the regimen.

Eventually, Breaker comes to them one morning and informs them that Hawk has summoned them to MTAC (Media Tactics Room). Then Breaker goes to get Snake-Eyes, as he is to go with them to see Hawk.

Upon their arrival, Hawk informs them that it is time to prepare for their first mission, which will be an undercover based Intel-Op. They are to infiltrate Strike First, a terrorist group led by man named Vance Wingfield. Wingfield was a military contractor who had lost his bids with the democratic upset in congress in 2006. He had already banded with like-minded individuals when the economy tanked in 2009, and the Obama administration canceled his remaining contracts, citing cost and inhumane labor practices. Wingfield officially packed his people up and shipped off to the small South American nation of Sierra del Gordo (this translates to “big mountains” which Firewall spins the translation to “Mountains of Fat”), where he is training this team into an anti-American militant group. The Joe team’s mission is to learn as much as possible about Wingfields plans, and if necessary, stop them. Violent conflict is not prohibited, but will be seen as a failure of one of the primary objectives, which is to get out of the camp with all required information, undetected. Snake-Eyes is to set up camp twenty miles outside of the compound and act as back up should the team need it.

The team is not quite prepared for the mission, however, as none of them have any experience in undercover work. As such, they are being shipped to Miami to meet with Agent Provost, an exemplary member of the US Army Criminal Investigations Unit. His current mission is investigating ties between criminal organizations and Extensive Enterprises, a Fortune 500 corporation with contacts throughout the world. Agent Provost is unaware of the existence of GI Joe, and believes the team is part of a pilot training program.

New Recruits

The team arrives at Fort Wadsworth inside an APC driven by a man names Clutch. There is much consternation and concern that an assignment to the Chaplain’s Assistant Motor Pool is a punishment of some sort. Their orders refer to reporting to a General Flagg, who Firewall admits he tried to hack information on and camp up with very little, finding only that Flagg retired very early after an illustrious career.

To their surprise, the floor jack in the garage of the motor pool suddenly descends. It is a vehicular elevator that takes them five floors beneath the ground into a much wider garage that extends several hundred feet in each direction. It contains a series of vehicles that are obviously beyond the teams security clearance.

They are met by a man Firewall has met before, known only as Breaker. Breaker informs them that the motor pool is a cover, and they have been drafted into a Delta Force style military team. To keep their security, they are to use their call signs as if they were real names whenever they are on duty or on base.

Breaker takes them up a few floors to meet with General Flagg. Breaker brings them to a room known as MTAC, the teams Media Tactics room. Inside is a small, slanted auditorium (no more than 50 seats) akin to a mini-movie theatre. A gigantic plasma screen rests at the front. General Flagg and a colonel are standing in front of the screen and chatting with the President [the players compliment the GM on his Obama impression. He modestly accepts their praise, but not so humbly that he doesn’t include it in the game notes]. Firewall pays more attention to the computer system to the side that dwarfs anything on the open market. He drools slightly and begins an internal countdown as to how patient he can be before he gives up waiting and hacks his way back into this room to play with the toys.

With the conversation finished, Flagg turns to the team. He gives them a brief history of GI Joe, a highly trained secret counter terrorist group code named after a WW II military propaganda doll (the name gives them the capability to transfer codes and communiques through toy traders such as eBay). The group is designed for suriviving suicide missions. However, it is time to expand the team, and that is where the four new members come in. They are to begin training immediately.

Flagg turns them over to Colonel Clayton Abernathy, code named Tomahawk, or Hawk for short. Hawk gives them the nickel tour, dropping them off in the commisary for lunch. They are given a full hour to relax and get their bearings before he will return and take them to drop off their gear before training.

The team takes a quick look around before going to get their food. They quickly realize that the team does not have a staff. There are two team members running KP duty. Another couple are playing chess, including one that looks a lot like a surfer. They note an attractive red head eating with a man decked out all in black, including a spandex ski mask complete with goggles. The man lifts the mask every time he takes a bite of food and Hando notes that he has horrible burn scars covering his neck and jaw. The woman is talking to him, and he is returning the conversation with sign language, which may be related to his injuries. Firewall makes a disparaging joke, at which time the man and the red headed woman turn to stare at them for a few moments before returning to their conversation. It suddenly becomes obvious that while no one is looking at or talking to them, everyone is paying attention to just about everything they do.

Hawk returns to pick up the team and show them to their bunks before bringing them to an intense three hour physical training session. It is revealed that the man in blacks name is Snake Eyes, and he will be their physical combat instructor, along with Scarlett, the red headed woman. Firewall groans.

Snake Eyes first instruction is to re-establish dominance and respect by knocking Firewall flat on his ass. Was this retribution, or simply necessary to effect a teacher/student relationship in light of Firewalls attempt to dominate his pack? Only time will tell…


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